Altar Server STM Sanctuary

Saint Thomas More Sanctuary

A –Processional Cross. This is the base where the Cross Bearer will place the Processional Cross.

B –Ambo (or pulpit) All readings during the Mass are done from here.

C –Left side server station. This is where the two Candle Bearers will sit.

D –This is the Credence Table. All of the sacred vessels and linens used during Mass are placed here. They are moved to the Altar during the liturgy of the Eucharist.

E –This is the Main Altar. The liturgy of the Eucharist takes place on the Altar. The altar is always treated with respect.

F –This is the Tabernacle. The Holy Eucharist is kept inside.

G –This is the Sanctuary Lamp. A single candle in red glass that is positioned near the tabernacle. It reminds us of the presence of the reserved Holy Eucharist in the Tabernacle.

H –Stand that holds the Thurible (censer) and Boat

I –Right side server station. This is where the Cross Bearer will sit.

J –Deacon's Chair

K –This is a Lectern. It is used when there is no server to hold the Missal.

L –This is the Celebrant's Chair. The priest who is celebrating Mass will sit here.