Altar Server Garments

On this page you will find a picture, name and description of the garments worn by each minister at the Mass. 

Garment worn by an Altar Server 

Altar Server Alb

When you dress for the Mass, you will wear an Alb similar to what is pictured on the left. This garment is worn over your clothes and there should be one just your size. It will be tied with a cincture at the waist. 


Cincture is just a fancy name for a braided cord that is tied around your waste. When tied properly, it is adjustable. The loose ends should always hang on your left side.The color you wear will vary based on the liturgical calendar. The most common color will be green for Ordinary time. 

Garments worn by the Priest 


Just like you, the priest wears an Alb over his clothes. It will be tied with a cincture at the waste. 


Next, a Stole is draped around the neck and down the front of his body. Stoles will vary in color and design. 


The last item to put on is the Chasuble. This is a sleeveless garment worn over the Alb and Stole that drapes over the priest's body and arms. The Chasuble will vary in color and design. 


The Cope is worn by the priest during special Solemnities and during eucharistic adoration. It is like a cape, draped over the shoulders and open in the front. This garment is worn in place of the Chasuble. The Cope will also vary in color and design. 

Humeral Veil

This garment is draped over the shoulders. The humeral veil is worn by the priest or deacon to grasp the monstrance when giving the blessing at the conclusion of the adoration of the blessed sacrament. 

Garments worn by a Deacon 


Just like you and the priest, the deacon also wears an Alb.


Just like the priest, the deacon wears a stole. Notice any difference between this and what a priest wears? The deacon's stole is draped across his body from his left shoulder down to his right hip. The stole will vary in color and design. 


The Dalmatic is similar to the Chasuble worn by a priest. It is worn over the Alb and Stole. The main difference is that a Dalmatic has sleeves and a Chasuble does not. Again, the color and design will vary. 

Photo Source: A Division of Abbott Church Goods, Inc.