Altar Server Books

Special books used during the Mass 

Roman Missal

The book which contains all of the prayers said by the priest during Mass. This book is usually held by the Cross Bearer for the opening and closing prayers of the Mass. It is placed on the altar for the Liturgy of the Eucharist. 


The book containing the Bible readings from the Old Testament and New Testament. This book is placed on the Ambo and is used by the Lector(s) to proclaim God's Word during the Mass. 

Book of Gospels

This book contains the Gospel readings from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It is usually carried in the entrance procession by the Deacon. It is placed on the altar and then carried to the Ambo(pulpit) during the Gospel Acclamation. The Gospel is proclaimed by the deacon or priest. 

Book of the Chair

This book is kept by the Celebrant's Chair. It is a decorative notebook similar to what is pictured and the color will vary based on the liturgical day. It contains the Prayer of the Faithful (Intersessions) and announcements for the day. The Cross Bearer holds this book for the priest during the Prayer of the Faithful. 


This book contains the hymns and readings for the Mass. You will find a copy on the shelf in the Kneeler at your seat. you may use it to follow along with the order of the Mass. This is the same book members of the congregation use to follow the Mass.