Friday, May 14th is my birthday, something I would normally not consider important enough to mention at Mass or place in the bulletin, but this year it will be my 65th birthday, the age of retirement. Although some priests remain in active ministry well beyond this age, I have decided that the time has come to retire. The stress of operating the parish in time of pandemic has taken its toll on my health as evidenced by worsening high blood pressure and sleepless nights.

Meanwhile, my mom, now 92 years of age, is still living on her own in Florida. She still drives, goes shopping for her groceries, doctor visits and to church. The day is soon coming when she will need assistance. While spending time at my residence in Cape May County, I will be making frequent trips to Florida throughout the year to assist my mom.

Having gotten the parish through the worst of the pandemic, I also feel it is now time to step aside and allow new leadership to begin the process of restoring things to a new "normal”.

I extend a "thank you" to all who have assisted me during my 16 years at St. Thomas More, including my staff members, all the priests & deacons who have ministered at St. Thomas More Parish and the many lay volunteers. Special thanks to Enza Magliano and Msgr. Peter Kochery who were always available for consultation and provided invaluable advice in difficult situations.

I also thank Anna Guggliota who while studying music at Rutgers University, has done an incredible job of providing beautiful music at hundreds of liturgies since our music director resigned last June.

Whether you are thrilled to know that I will soon be gone, or saddened, I thank you for accepting me first as your parochial vicar, then as administrator, and finally as your pastor. The last 16 years have been an incredible challenge, one for which I never felt fully prepared. I tried my best but regret knowing that some of my decisions caused some to leave the faith. For this I can only pray for forgiveness.

I promised the Bishop that I would get the parish through Lent, Holy Week, Easter, first communions, and RCIA baptisms & confirmations before departing. So after confirming twelve candidates at the Pentecost Vigil Mass on the evening of May 22nd, my last Masses as pastor will take place on Pentecost Sunday, May 23rd, exactly 25 years to the day from proclaiming God's word as a lector for the very first time at St. Paul's Church in Princeton, NJ!

I hope everyone will remain and offer their support to my successor Rev. Daniel Peirano. Be assured that I will meet with him multiple times before departing, in order to provide for a smooth transition. He is an experienced pastor who has previously served at parishes in Mt. Holly, Long Branch, and Fairhaven, NJ.

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Rev. Mark W. Crane

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